See how your kids can be the best storyteller of lockdown?

Everywhere we are reading the same, how to manage and involve kids during this lockdown? Some parents say that they are feeling pretty on their kids while a few others say that they are getting exhausted with all households, office and kids staying at home during this lockdown.
Sharing the simple hacks so that this time remains the best time in your kids’ memory, and when they grow up they still remember how they use to stay the whole day with you and what all efforts you use to do to keep them engaged.

This time is going to be the fundamental time to build and develop an amazing bonding. After 20 years when they are grown-up youth of this country, they will not remember that how much time you went out with them for dinner in last 20 years, but they will be amazing storyteller to their kids and friends whenever they will discuss lockdown of 2020 after 20 years.

So, let us build this as the best time of their life and feel yourself lucky if your kids are with you during this period because lockdown started immediately after their final exams and most of the parents have sent their kids on session break. I have a hack for such parents also whose kids are not with them, but still, you can show your love and affection to them.

Fix your working Hours: Very important it is, and I know most of us to lack in doing this when we work from home. So, this is the top on my list. Working is yes, a priority, but there are other things also which needs your attention during this period. And that most important thing is your kids who are waiting for you to finish your work and be your first priority.

Spend time: Playing with them, watching movies, reading books, or by making new dishes: Teach whatever you think is important by spending time with them. In one of my WA groups of kids, everyday kids share activities like drawing, some are making a 3d drawing, some are making stories around cartoon, some are making crafts and some are making cakes and smoothies. Amazingly, it looks, these kids can learn so much apart from books. So, let them explore their potential in this lockdown.

A simple hacks for parents who do not have their kids around. Be in touch with them. I am sure all of you would be calling- making video calls and talking with them on a daily basis, apart from this, you can do the following 5 things to make them feel that you really miss them and their presence.

  1. Make a small card and share with them.
  2. Take their classes online, the purpose of taking classes is not that they will not be able to cope up with studies, I know they are too small with fewer studies but this will give them a silent message that you care for them.
  3. Make a small note and share the picture of that note with them. And tell them you have kept all notes in a beautiful box, will hand over once they are back.
  4. Share some good stories or study material with them. And ask them what their studies.
  5. Ask them to share their creativity, as you want to see them how they are spending their time.

    Small Note: These all 5 points work well, how? Check out my Instagram (bhumikka-yaadav) Highlights – “Miss u in Lockdown”.

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