3 Magical Scientific steps which can help your child in spoken english and to over come their fear to speak in Public

Today’s question is how parents can help their kids in speaking Fluent English and to overcome their fear to speak in public. Every parent wants their kids to speak English with confidence. And this is on the top of their wish list.

Why I took this question because one mom who is also my good friend shared her problem and she said that because she cannot communicate with her child in English so her child is facing issues in spoken English.

So, Today lets us talk about some fundamental ways to improve spoken English of your child, even if you are not able to communicate with them in English.

First of all, I would like to say practice and dedication can make anything possible. And you as a parent should always play the role of motivator.

As per the studies

It is believed that speaking and reading are co-related. As one increases, so does the other. Which means that reading improves speaking skills and speaking improves your reading skills.

This simply means that if kids start reading their speaking skills will also enhance. But we also have to develop their speaking skills in such a way that they do not hesitate to speak in public with confidence.

So, let us see step by step.

Step 1: Inculcate the reading habit. Once your child will start reading their vocabulary will increase. Encourage them to read a story every night before they go to bed.

Step 2: Ask them to read stories loudly, in front of you. Once they will start reading loudly, their shyness or hesitation will reduce. This may take a few months, but you will able to start seeing changes within weeks.

Step 3: Ask your child to stand in front of the mirror and speak on simple topics like- about yourself, how was your day. (List of topics, I have attached below in the pdf you can download and make your kids practice).

To add here, reading and speaking on the general topic also enhance their thinking skills.

So, I would like to end here by saying that every problem had a solution and I have tried to provide the best scientific solution, so start working on it and will be waiting for your feedback.


Download from Here: justworksheet-questions-to-enhance-your-Writing-and-Speaking-Skills









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