Quotes on Reading habits for kids

Do you want your kids to read??

Follow these two simple tips.

  • Show them do not shout… it’s as simple as anything, just shows them and how you will show, you have to do the same thing which you want your child to do. So, if you want your child to read you should show them that you also read and you enjoy reading. Because kids are copy cats, that try to copy their parents and teachers.


  • When you have to shop something, you try to explore the market, as what are the benefits of that particular product. Similar is the psychology of kids, you should tell them the benefits of reading. Share quotes with them on reading. Tell them that reading will increase their vocabulary and they will be confident when they have to speak in public.



  • Most important create a comfortable corner for reading. Add a few elements like fairy lights, quotes and fix a specific time. And, once your kids have finished reading do not forget to ask what they read, because when you will ask they will frame their thoughts and their speaking skills will enhance.

D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D from here Reading-quotes





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