Positive Affirmation for Parents

Before I start with the topic today, I would like to share a small incident with all of you.
I had planned this post only for my Instagram account and I had not planned to write a blog on this. I thought the message which I wanted to communicate can easily reach by posting on my social media handlers, but because of something amazing, I decided to create a post and share the experience with everyone. It’s a small but real story with great learning which took place.

When I was designing content related to this post, I had almost done. My son came behind and he read all the affirmations which I had designed. He was so happy and asked you have written all this for me? I smiled and said yes, I did not tell him that I was designing because I had to post them on my social media account. He was quite happy and the day passed like other days. I had almost forgotten this incident. At night when I generally talk with my son, he told me that he is very happy today when I asked him what was special today? He said today, you had written so many good things about me. It was surprising, believe me, things which we do not tell our kids, they matter to them so much. We all love our kids, we all love to play with them, we all are proud of being parents, then why not we tell them all this?

So, here the learning is that things which we take for granted as a parent, those things matter a lot to our kids. So, start telling them and see the changes.

Some of the benefits of Positive Affirmation for Parents are as follows: 

  1. When you say positive things about your kids, they develop self-esteem, which is indeed more important for them to recognize their strengths and develop a more healthy view of themselves.
  2. Positive Affirmation by parents help them to develop a positive view towards life and they start seeing the world as a good place to live. This is a very important skill which will help your child throughout their whole life.
  3. When you talk about good things about your kids with them, they develop confidence and their behaviour in public is different from other kids. They know they are loved and accepted as they are.
  4. When kids know that their parents have a positive attitude towards them, they are not afraid of challenges because they know that their parents are with them in their lows as well.
  5. It is easy for them to achieve goals in life. Affirmations are also goal orientated because when you as a parent start setting goals for them and you will talk with your kids, they will start working on it. This will help them to be goal-oriented.

Download the list of 10 positive affirmation for your kids. Positive-affirmation-for-parents-justworksheet.pdf

You can also ask for a F.R.E.E. Customized checklist of affirmation for your kids and you can gift them. Just leave a comment below, or DM me on my Instagram or Facebook.




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