Music Therapy can help to improve your relationship with your children

Did you ever try this Music Therapy?? Try it…
It has an outstanding impact…

Music can have a positive impact on a person’s mindset and physical well-being. So, this weekend tries this- loud music and headphones on, with few of the old music which can take you back to your crazy childhood days.

During this time when people are more stressed because of Carona and are now, it is quite long that they are locked inside their home. And this is leading to mood swings and stress. No one had ever thought that they have to stay at home for so long and now it is about 4 months that people are insider their home. Initially, everyone was enjoying when they were getting enough time for cooking, online series and work from home kind of scenario, but now everyone wants to know till when they have to live life like this. Till when they have to maintain social distance? And all such questions lead to frustration and also, it makes everyone feel low. Therefore, try music therapy, which has been used since ancient times to heal the sick, and today when more and more people are stressed, music can heal. Music is that powerful thing which can change your mood, your memory and even your performance.

So, it’s time to create a playlist!

Do you know?? When you listen to music, it helps our brain to release dopamine, which is known as a feelgood chemical.

Now, most of you will think how does it help with parenting? Music helps in parenting in the following ways:

  • Helps in reducing stress and relaxation: Listening to music helps in reducing the tension and will keep you cheerful, which will help a better relationship, with kids because you will not get irritated and you will enjoy with your kids.
  • Change the negative state of mind to positive: These days when lots of negativity is around, it is difficult to keep yourself motivated and it is easy to feel bad about things which are around you. Music works as a healer for everyone.

“When we listen to music, multiple areas of the brain are activated, including those associated with the movement, planning, attention and memory. It changes our brain chemistry as well. Listening to music we enjoy stimulating the release of dopamine that makes us feel rewarded”, source

  • Increases Efficiency: Another study by Mindlab in the UK showed that 88% of participants were more accurate in their work and 81% worked faster when listening to music. So, when you will be doing work faster, you will automatically get more time for family and kids which will lead to better bonding.

Your priority: To make Music a part of your life. You can end your day with light music and in between also you should play something which you like, soft music or fast music that is your choice, but you should remember that music can change your mood which automatically leads to greater bonding with your family and children.

As a Mom: This was not a planned post, but when I was caught by my son, listening to music and relaxing at my workplace today (pics on my Instagram: justworksheet) I thought why not to write on about.

My next posts are planned few more therapies for parenting, which can work amazing for all of you. So, stay tuned:) – Bhumikka





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