Mental math for class 1 – subtraction worksheets are specially designed to help your kid practice basic subtraction.

Our worksheets begin with simple subtraction facts for solving sums. We have tried to make a subtraction easy for your kids by dividing worksheets in 4 parts – 1-digit subtraction, 2-digit without borrowing and with borrowed and 3-digit subtraction with and without borrowing.

At the end, we have also added 2 mental math subtraction worksheets. In these worksheets, Parents play an important role because you have to motivate your kids to solve sums orally.

Mental Math for class 1: Subtraction

Download Mental math subtraction worksheet

Download Mental maths subtraction worksheet (60 Sums), especially for parents to encourage them to answer:  Mental-Math-Subtraction.pdf

Download full e-book of 250 sums from Here:  Mental-Math-Subtraction-for-Class-1-Full-ebook.pdf

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