Let us see what parents are planning? What are their New year Resolution for 2021

The new year is a new beginning. And most of us make a resolution, the reason we make a resolution is because we want to set goals for the new year, for the things we know that either we were doing it in a wrong way or there is a scope of improvement.

Whatever are your goals or resolutions for the new year, I want to simply say that your approach should be consistent, firm and loving, be kind. Your kids are still kids.

Do you know when we make resolutions as a parent, it is can also be fun and exciting because it will develop a family bonding and also you will get time to spend with your child? When we connected with moms most of them wanted to spend more time with their kids.

Read what all moms have to say- when we asked what were their new year resolution?

And if you have not made your resolution as a parent, it is still time, write down your parenting mistakes and start working on it.  

Shraddha, from Ahmedabad: a mother of 2 budding stars 

My Resolution as a parent Hey everyone, I am Shraddha, proud mother of two kids. My son is fifteen years old and my daughter is 11 years old. On this Christmas eve, my daughter got her first periods, I was first anxious, my little girl had just grown up, but she was absolutely calm and relaxed as I had been talking to her about it since few months and had guided her accordingly.

She was mentally prepared and she informed my son about it. He had tears in his eyes, his baby sister is a grown-up girl now. Within an hour I brought cake, called my friends threw a small bash to celebrate it. I didn’t want my daughter to feel awkward, so we all talked about it frankly. Everyone in my family keeps giving her tips, my husband brought ice cream and chocolate, and my son is comforting her with water bag every now and then.

“My new year resolution is to create a healthy, happy and safe environment for my kids, I want my daughter to grow up as a free and sensible girl and my boy to be sensitive and empathetic. It is very important to train the men to sensitize about a very natural process- Periods.

It’s high time all of us understand that periods are as normal as breathing. Let no daughter feel ashamed about this and let no boy feel disgusted about this natural phenomenon. I want to raise my kids as sensitive human beings. Talking out taboos and breaking them is in my top list. 


Stuti Tandon Mahendra, from Delhi: a mother of 2 budding stars

This lockdown has given us plenty of ways to knock down those walls of timings on which everyone uses to cry. Nowadays I am learning a lot from my 7 years old handsome and 1 year old beautiful. They not only teach me how to easily let go the things, but also give me challenges to become an all-rounder Mumma. I look forward to finding more ways to nurture my kid positively with an ample amount of time. I try to overcome my fears just coz my kids like to follow by example. 

Instead of merely teaching, if we learn both ways life would be so simple, easy and moreover that’s the demand of this generation.

Every individual is born with a unique personality and traits. Imposing our things on kids hampers not only their growth but also brings a negative effect on their personality and they lose their self-confidence. We should take a resolution to learn from our kids rather teaching them.

Nomita from Lucknow, a mother of one beautiful girl.

If there’s one New Year’s resolution that I would like to make this year would be to make a vow to spend more time with my daughter. The year that just now passed kept us the busy whole day on the job due to online work because of which my daughter was neglected. It was difficult to manage time for her. But this year my resolution is to give her ample time no matter how much is the work pressure.
Secondly, I have promised myself to be more patient with her.

Every mommy probably makes this promise — to be more patient with her kids.

I hate when, at the end of a long day, I start snapping at her and issuing ridiculous threats. I would definitely work on it this year.

I’m making a promise to not only give me time to be a good mom, but make sure to save some of “me” to share with My Super Fantastic Supportive Husband. Giving my child, a good example of a healthy and loving marriage will hopefully help her feel secure, confident, and blessed.


Suma from Mumbai, a mom of one cute little boy

  • Spending Quality Time with Ananth.
  • Reading more of moral stories.
  • Hugging, understanding Instead of Yelling or Reacting.
  • Engage him in activities that would mould and boost his intellectual thinking.
  • Play such that it would be embedded in his routine activities.

Dr Rashmi Prashanth from London, a mother of 2 budding stars. 

The year 2020 was certainly a year I had never expected to see in my lifetime!

Rather than looking at the negatives, I have tried to focus on the positives of embracing the challenges during the pandemic.

As a mother, it was important to make my children feel safe and maintain a normal life as much as possible.  School closure offered the opportunity to spend more time with my children and I enjoyed helping them with their education.

The pandemic has taught some good life lessons like appreciating what we have, resilience, accept the uncertainties of life and to have faith in God.

As a mum, I would like to encourage them to look after their physical and mental health with a healthy diet, exercise, lots of family time, meditation and prayers.

Most importantly, make them strong to face everything that comes their way, be positive and learn to be happy without depending on others or materialistic things.


Dr Chaitra Bharath from Mysore, a mother of 2 budding stars 

2020 has been a year of trials for all of us. Especially so for the children. As a working parent, it has been quite a challenge for me to keep two busybodies engaged throughout the day. We have had tempers shoot up, voices raised to decibels we did not know ourselves capable of, and sometimes just frustrated silence. But the good news is, we got through it all and we remain alive, healthy and sane.

The past year has taught me life lessons that otherwise would have probably taken me decades to imbibe. So, with much fervour, I have resolved to make family and health my priorities for the coming year.

My resolutions have two main parts. One, to make as many good memories as possible through experiential learning for my kids, like travelling, soaking up the sun, drenching in the rain and sometimes, just being. The second part is to work towards a healthy, holistic, sustainable way of life and imbibe the ability to disregard the non-sensities of the materialistic world in my kids.

I’m sure these traits will help them be better versions of themselves in the coming years.

Sunita Yadav from Mumbai, a  Mother of 2 budding stars

I’m the proud mother of 2 children Atharv 19, Saanvi 10.

My resolution for 2021 are:

1) Make them understand how life should go on after any failure. 

2)Live freely without any burden, peaceful. 

3) Simple life with high thinking. 

Try to root all this thought in them.




Bhoomika from dubai, a mom of 2 young boys from Dubai

The greatest gift you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.  A good home produces good children.  Parents have to teach children human values, discipline, devotion and duty. Discipline in words, dress and character. 

Devotion to God, parents, teachers and nation. Duty to prayer,  punctuality,  respect, love and Non-Violence and truthfulness.



We have to support children help them develop good habits. As the character is caught, it is not taught, we have to be a role model to children. 

So, we should resolve as a parent to speak politely and softly, keep everything in order, doing the right things at the right time, cleanliness, sharing and loving, adopting good manners, habits and hobbies.

Finding happiness in simple things. As mother is a great force in shaping the destiny of children be a smart planner and bring them up in a natural way to adopt themselves to the present world.

Identify their talents and encourage them. Teach them simple living and high thinking. Tell good stories, spend quality time with them as a gift you give your children your time.
Give importance for ordinary things and make them extraordinary.

Neha Kabra, Mother of 2.5 year old beautiful girl.

I am a mother of a two and a half-year-old baby girl And also a mom to be (expecting my baby in January)

Of course, We all know that there is no proper guideline or rule book to follow as a parent. We all have to act as per the situation and we are perfectly good in what we do.

I being short-tempered my new year resolution will be to just control myself and be patient as I know it will be very difficult with two kids but surely will try my best.




Sneha, mom of a toddler from Mumbai

As a parent, I think my resolution would be making my kids independent, so that they can work on their own cognitive skills.
Also making them achieve one skill which they will never forget in life, like swimming or skating.

Also, if I can make them study thru experiment, then nothing like it.

I have some goals to write a book on children eating habits as my lo grows up. 



Monaz Parekh, Mother of a beautiful daughter from Ahmedabad

Parenting is never an easy task. Also, parenting is not the same experience for all parents. Be it a development of emotional intelligence to motor skills development, each parent has a different experience with their kids. Parents wish to give their kids the best in all aspects of Life. I too wish for the same. But at the same time, I want my child to be independent. My daughter has been very dependant on me for all the needs. 



To take my first steps towards her development of independence, I wish to make her eat independently. Eating food by oneself is an important life skill for any child. It helps to develop gross motor skills of grasping a spoon and also coordinate to ensure food doesn’t fall off the spoon and reaches the mouth. It also helps them to develop a feeling of confidence and accomplishment. Such small milestones help in building confidence in the children.

What else does a mother need when she sees her child become independent.


Yes, that’s me, a mom of naughty growing boys. My resolution for this year is quite simple, I want my son to understand that failing is ok. Be it academics or just some extra-curricular activities, I want to make him understand that if he fails it’s not an end of something. It can be a new beginning too. And he should be like a true sportsman, who should accept his failure with grace like he celebrates his all achievements.
And to do so I share stories of great people who have failed so many times in life, but because of their hard work, they are still remembered. 



So with this, I hope you all like the article. I personally feel it need the courage to identify your own parenting weaknesses and share your views on an online platform where everyone will be reading. I am thankful to all moms who have shared their views because their views are common parenting thoughts and it will also be helpful to our readers who continually read our articles and keep visiting our blog for information on parenting. 


Wishing you all great and Happy New Year 2021!!! – Team justworksheet.com 


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