Teach Your Kids Positive Affirmation

List of 20 Positive Affirmation for kids: Let us help our Kids to use this positive affirmations list. Help them to read it loudly at least once in a day and also, you can discuss how they may work on these.

  1. I am not afraid of losing the competition, so I will always participate in all competitions.
  2. Challenges help me to grow.
  3. I will always help who needs me.
  4. I promise to myself not to do anything bad.
  5. I love to learn new things.
  6. I will work hard to achieve my dreams.
  7. I am happy.
  8. I respect my elders.
  9. I am a good child.
  10. I am a good friend.
  11. I love everyone.
  12. I can make a difference.
  13. Every day I will pray to God.
  14. Before going to bed, I will thank God for good things.
  15. If I fail, I will work harder.
  16. I am happy for myself.
  17. I am not sad.
  18. I love myself.
  19. I will be confident always.
  20. I will never hurt others.

Download positive-affirmation.pdf

Small Note: You can paste these affirmations checklists in front of the study table.

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