Colouring Worksheets with Basic Maths Concepts

Maths Concepts in Coloring worksheets, its Friday a day for fun and lets us break the monotonous routine of kids. Friday is especially dedicated to kids who love coloring. These coloring worksheets will not only involve coloring but there is something extra associated with these worksheets – we are trying to associate colouring with maths concepts. Kids will have fun when they will be given these coloring worksheets but there is some or the other maths concept involved in every worksheet.

So, when you  give these worksheets to your kids, be relaxed your kid is learning some Number concept with coloring.

Friday Activity Colouring Worksheets with Maths Concepts

Worksheet 1 –  The two numbers to find the colour code:  Click Here

Worksheet 2 – Colour the number associated: Click Here

Worksheet 3 – Follow the colouring Patter:  Click Here

Worksheet 4 – Trace and colour the object:  Click Here

Worksheet 5 – Trace and colour the object:  Click Here


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