When I tell people that I work from home, there are typically two kinds of responses. Some think I am doing a great job and other think I may be doing just clerical type of tasks like data entry or copy typing.
But believe me there are lot many opportunities which are now available for moms who stay at home not by choice but because they have a responsibly of their kids. We are living in a society where we cannot ask a dad to stay at home to take care of a kid. This is a default duty of a mom to take care. I started freelancing 3 years back in 2016 with a lot many doubts in mind, some trial and error. The purpose why I started freelancing was I always wanted to earn some basic amount for myself not because I don’t want to spend my husband’s money but just for the sake of being independent.

I am a happy mom- I work from home. I take care of my son and also feel wonderful when I get referred from one client to other.

As there was no one to guide me, this was altogether a new field for me. I used to take all type of projects to be it data entry or preparations of MIS or a sales pitch presentation. In this span of time I met few clients who really helped me a lot. Who kept me motivated for the work which I use to provide them.
With one project, my thinking process changed- My online interview lasted for 3 hours and in between my interviewer use to tell “don’t hang up in between- you will get good results”, yes after 2 weeks of interview I was appointed for the task and it was a “Virtual Assistant” job. My main task was to maintain their online inventory. In this job I had learned lot many things, though I had some experience with e-commerce company when I was working as a corporate, this was a milestone in my freelancing. I was well paid and was working from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  After this project, I kept on exploring my potential, kept working hard for clients on their projects.

Three years and counting, I have learnt some of my biggest lessons based on my experience of Work from home are:

  1.  Be disciplined: Yes, freelancing is all about flexibility, but you have to make a proper and fixed schedule for yourself. Time management is very important, no one will hire you seeing your education,  you must take care of your kid. You must show them at what all time you can work and be productive.
  2. Create a workstation at home: Dedicated workspace is another key to success in freelancing. Why because when I work at my working space, my kid knows that I am working, and he does not come to disturbs me also if he has to ask something, he comes and ask for permission if he can say something. So, you need a place where you can work peacefully without interruptions.
  3. Choose your projects wisely: If you are working for different clients on different projects in a single go, it is very much vital that you choose these projects carefully. You much fix the proper time and set a target to complete and be productive. Sometimes you may come across some projects at different time-zone so it is most important to say NO to such projects as I knew there was no way I could work those many hours sitting in a completely different time zone.
  4. Be productive, not busy: One of my biggest blunders, when I started out, was trying to accomplish too much in too little time. This only leads to a decline in your overall productivity and way too much caffeine in your system! Focus on two to three important tasks and complete them in order of priority.
  5. Be less social: This is the last point but very important there are days when I cancel all plans and set my phone to aeroplane mode when I have an important deliverable. My family and friends understand my commitment towards the task, and they respect my decision.



What is your biggest learning as a work from home mother? I would love to know!


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