With Increasing Screen Time: 5 home remedies for your child’s eyes care

From last few days, I was worried about my son’s eye health. I want to help my child to reduce his screen time. But after too much of brainstorming, I concluded that because of the lockdown, there are few things which I cannot avoid and one of them is screen time during the lockdown. We just cannot blame online classes, kids have to stay at home and if they are not engaged with their online classes they may either be playing some game on mobile or they are busy watching some movies.

So with this lockdown, I have understood that it is the new normal. At least, till the time we are back to our old lifestyle, but that may take a longer time, and no one knows how long?

Indeed, we should surely try to keep our kids involved with some activities which will help them to be away from gadgets. But with changing scenario- online classes and other online activities we have to find some remedies to maintain our kid’s eye health.

So, today I have come up with home remedies for eye care which will be helpful for your kids during this lockdown period.

5 Eye Care Home Remedies

1) Fruits and Vegetables: Start giving your kids’ food which is rich in vitamin A, C and citric fruits. Some of them are leafy vegetables, fish, carrot, nuts, oranges, grapes and lemon should be included in the daily diet.

2) Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Let your child take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes and concentrate on an object 20 feet away from you. They can also close their eyes for 20 seconds. This will help their eyes to relax and break of concentration will help them from digital strain.

3) Bigger Screen: For online classes try to give them a bigger screen instead of mobile, it is advisable to give them a laptop. Because with bigger screen visibility is better and they get less digital strain.

4) Eyes Exercise and Eye Drops: Exercise for eyes is simple. Hold a pen or pencil in your hand and watch the tip of it. Now more your hand clockwise with a pencil in hand. And keep watching the pencil tip when you are moving your hand. I am sure most of you might have done this. Now is the time you should help your kids.

Connect with your eye specialist for eye drops. Eye drops help to keep your child’s eyes lubricant. And this is the key to eye health. Eyes should be lubricated because when kids focus on watching something on mobile they do not blink. And this leads to drying of the eyes. And this leads to unhealthy eyes.

5) Cotton Handkerchief: This is last but my son’s most favourite, dip a cotton handkerchief in a water mug squeeze the extra water and keep this handkerchief on your child’s eyes. You should soak the towel again and again after a few minutes. It is same as we do water sponge during fever. But the only difference is we are doing this on our eyes.

As a mother, I was worried about my son’s eye health, but with the above remedies, I know I can at least help him to relax his eye stress after his online engagements. Try these, they are working well for me and my son. And I feel happy when I can find remedies for the problem which he faces.







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