Eat Right Activity for kids

Do you know that what you kid eats today has an impact throughout their life? The reason for this is simply that eating healthy and important nutrients help the mental and physical development of kids. And when they are mentally and physically healthy, they can face any challenge in life.

Your role as a parent is to provide them with a balanced diet. And to give them a balanced diet,
To get a balanced diet, you need to make sure that your child is eating a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins.  Nuts and seed foods from all the different food groups.


You as a parent have a second important role which is to make your kids understand the importance of good and healthy food. Make them understand the benefits of the food they are eating. To do so, we have attached an activity sheet for 7 days, this which help kids to write what are the benefits of the food they are eating. Once they will start writing the benefits, you are communicating a message to eat the right food.

Download the Activity sheets for Eat Right Activity for kids.  Healthy-eating-habits-3.pdf



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