Drawing and colouring should be considered as one of the important subjects and should not be considered as an extra subject or time pass. A few days back, I was talking with one of the drawing teachers, and she gave such wonderful advice –

She said if your kid is good in drawing and coloring, then his handwriting will automatically be beautiful. And when I thought I realized she said something very true.

Colouring plays an important place in child development and therefore it should be incorporated into a child’s day. It provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip. It also gives the experience of creativity, colour awareness and developing a sense of achievement. Get your kids started with colouring as early as possible, and you’ll contribute to a lifetime of positive benefits.

I would like to share the importance of colouring worksheets and colouring activity:

  1. Fine Motor Development: Colouring activity helps your kid to develop a good finger grip. It also helps to practice holding a pencil in the correct way which automatically benefits in developing those fine motor muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrist.
  2. Increases Concentration: This is amazing that colouring activity helps to increase the length and level of concentration. So if your kid lacks concentration level, you can ask him to colour.
  3. Hand & Eye Coordination: Colouring in also helps the development of hand & eye coordination as the child learns to colour within the specified area. Watching and doing and coordinating both actions is a developing skill when colouring in. Staying inside the lines takes considerable skill, and when they master it, they gain a sense of pride and achievement. You can teach them “Slowly, Neatly and beautiful”, ask them to repeat and colour.
  4. Increases Confidence: Coloring also improves confidence in your young child. When your child finishes one colouring sheet, it gives them pride and a sense of accomplishment. It helps to build self-esteem and confidence and in your kids.
  5. Contributes to Better Handwriting: Colouring helps kids to develop their handwriting because they have a good grip with pencil and know how to do neat and clean work. So if you want your kid to have good handwriting start giving them colouring worksheets daily.


You can download the 15 pages colouring worksheet ebook for your kids by clicking Click Here.


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