Do you know parents who involve in their kids studies scores better marks?

You might be wondering how your involvement and your child’s scores are related?  Yes, they both are very much related, studies have shown that parents who get involved with their kid’s in their studies have a high degree that they will score better marks.

Here in this article, I am trying to point out 5 hacks which say the power of “5 Let” how kids can score better if you as parents are involved in their studies.

Power of 5 Let(s)

1) Keep discussion on: Let them understand message silently.

You have to be involved and you should start discussing all small and big things with them. Discuss school-related topics, about their classmates, teachers and their homework. Ask questions. This will simply convey a message to your kids that school-related things are important. This is a silent message which you are converting to them. So this will develop a positive sense in them and they will concentrate more on studies which will lead to better scores.

2) Make plans with them: Let them take a lead.

Ask them to plan for their studies. Like which subject you think needs more time and let them think and take initiative. This will develop them as an independent child. Do not force your orders just give them suggestions, let them finally make decisions. Once or twice their decisions may not be fruitful, but those will be their life lessons. And once they can make decisions they will understand the importance of concentrating and giving more importance to studies.

3) Appreciate their thoughts: Let them speak.

Do not treat them like fools. Listen to them and let them know that their views are important to you. For example, if your kid does not like any subject, you can ask them the reason for not liking. Their problems are not complicated, but we as parents make them more complex by not listening. Listen carefully and solve the problem. This will again lead to the perform better in their academics.

4) Sense of importance: Let them develop the understanding.

The child develops a sense of importance for studies when you get involved with them. Also, teachers understand that their parents are involved with them so both have pressure to perform better. Teachers pay attention to your kids and your child understands the importance of performing good is needed because he is being observed by both his parents and his teachers.

5) Get involved daily: Let them know that your child is more important to you than your involvement socially. 

Keep a day to day track with your child. It needs lots of efforts and time and you have to keep your phone away. This will develop a deeper connection with your child. Once you connect with your child, your child will leave no chance to work hard to score better. Because they do not want you to feel bad because of them.

The last important thing is that do not put a lot of pressure on your child. Do let them know the importance of studies, but every child is unique. And you as parents have to understand what is that area where your child can do excellent. Do not blame schools or teachers if your child is not performing. You should take initiative, after all, it is about your child’s development and achievements.


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