Cuddle Therapy: Helpful in Kids development

Cuddling makes us feel warm and cozy, there is no doubt in it. When we are sad, a tight hug from a loved one makes us feel better. So, same is the case with kids, they feel amazing if you as a parent hug them or cuddle with them. There are many scientific benefits behind hugging a child, but before we move on to it, let us walk through some research, which proves how hugging helps in a child’s development.

First Research: A study conducted in 2012 had compared the brain scans of children who were loved and nurtured by their parents with the children who were neglected. The finders were amazing, they found that the brains of the kids were larger in size who were loved and nurtured by their parents as compared to the kids who were not loved much. You can view pictures of the brain scans and read more about this fascinating study here.

We can say that cuddling with your infants and young children is highly beneficial for their health and brain development.

Second Research: Studies also show that when kids are not loved and hugged by their parents, kids throw more tantrums. Because of which their body releases excessive stress hormones, which leads to less immunity power and more illness. This excessive stress in your kids may also affect their memory and verbal reasoning capabilities, which also leads to depression when the child grows up.

With the above two studies, now it is very clear how important it is for parents to keep hugging your kids now and then?

We have pointed out few more benefits of cuddling therapy

  1. Hugs make kids happy, feel safe and develop their self-esteem.
  2. Hugs develop a better bond between parent and child.
  3. Hugs help in brain development.
  4. Hugs help kids to have stable emotional health. Hugging can save a child from having en emotional crash.
  5. Hugs help them to grow into a healthy adult.

These were some of the hidden benefits of hugs. So, we should not leave any chance to cuddle with our kids.

Closing Note: We at justworksheet empower our readers with scientific-based parenting facts, which are supported by studies and researches.




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