Yes, the truth is that I just do not feel good to yell.

If you also want to be a calm parent? And you too do not feel good to be a yelling parent.

Today, I am sharing 5 Hacks: How you can be a calm parent?

  1. Stop micromanaging your child: You should delegate some of that worry and stress to the Universe.
  2. Stop Arguing: This is the super powerful rule which I always follow and it works as well, I never punish my son child when I am angry. This I read somewhere and it works well. I always remember – “Just don’t”. While following this you can always be a calm parent. Just try to pause the moment by separating yourself with the kids. Just breathe and calm down before you even attempt to react.
  3. Identify your stress and slow down: Stress is what causes everyone to lose their temperament. Be silly at some time and do not plan a lot many things at a time. Keep some time for yourself every day, this will have an amazing impact because at this time you will able to understand what is important for you and it will help you plan a parenting road map.
  4. Every day make them feel loved: Hug them and kiss them even when they fail. Show them that there is always a second chance, this way you are not only telling your child to keep a positive approach, you are also letting your mind know that there is always a second chance.
  5. Be Grateful: You should always be grateful for having a child. This is one of the most amazing tricks to let you know by yourself. Talk to yourself and tell that how much this child is important to you. And this will make you a calm parent.


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