Meditation is confirmed to have an enormous impact on the psychological and emotional well-being of children. Meditation can prove very beneficial for helping children fight against stress and concentrate better on studies.

It is very hard to be a kid these days as they face many disruptions, attractions, parents and teachers burdens. We as parents often do not our kids enough space for themselves – less time for playing. The only reason is that everyone wants their children to be the best in academic. Also, they are tied up with too many extracurricular activities and classes. 

Some facts – For children aged 3-17 years with anxiety, more than 1 in 3 also have behaviour problems (37.9%) and about 1 in 3 also have depression (32.3%). (Source:

These days if kids want to keep growing higher, it is necessary to make them get relief from stress? So the solution for this is Yoga and meditation.


Some of the benefits which our kids can get from meditation are as follows:

  • Increases the concentration level: We all know as a parent, we put a lot of pressure on kids these days. there are forced to do so many activities which need to be done with academics. At the same time, we expect them to be smart enough to be master in all. So to do so they have to do multitasking which is not easy for them after all they are kids and some time because of too much pressure, kids cannot concentrate on all. So to make them focus on all concepts, meditation is the only answer. Creativity flows when their mind is freed from pressure and burden, getting away from monkey mindedness.


  • Reduces sleeping problem: This is a general observation that kids do not sleep immediately as they are on the bed and the reason behind is that their mind is not letting them sleep, their mind is busy thinking some or the other thing. You as parents can try this, when your kid is off for the day and is on the bed, you can ask what he is thinking and  I am sure he will tell you some of the other incidents which took place in the entire day. Therefore, because their mind is trained in such a way that it is always doing multitasking so t becomes difficult for them to sleep peacefully. But meditation aids the children to sleep well and develop healthier societal connections.


  • Increases Memory: Meditation supports in enhancing memory power. It leads to high concentration power and also increases the grasping power.
    Reduces Tension: We cannot say that kids do not have tension, in today’s lifestyle when kids have so much pressure and due to high expectations, kids of 5 years also undergo with stress and tension. Yes, this is true. So meditation helps to achieve a balance between mind body and soul which reduces the tension by enabling a human being to tackle all the issues in living creatively and successfully.


  • Reduces negative thoughts: Meditation helps to remove the negative thoughts from the mind as it focuses on a positive attitude.


Therefore, we can say that meditation is a powerful tool to cope in various aspects of life. It is the only way of achieving inner peace and boosts confidence among kids.

Just a small and quick tip –  Let them start with 5 min and you can ask them to think of anything which they like. It is not necessary for them to directly start with chants and mantras.


The author of this article is Sam AK. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Justworksheet.

Disclaimer: This is a guest article. 


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