We’re all busy and tend to think that bonding happens naturally, but the truth is that forging a close connection takes effort. We all do lot of things to show our love. It is important to create lifetime momoties with your kids. “The memories you create together will sustain, empower and encourage your child,” says Sandra Hassink of American Academy of Pediatrics, US.

“Little ideas that build bonds to last a lifetime.” 

1. Touch your kid: 

Being a parents it is very important that you should touch your kid at each and every chance you get. Even if you will not speack with your kid but you will kiss them they that will be the best moment for them. 

2. Try something silly:

Kids always love when you do some silly things apart from your schedule. Something like dancing with them on loud music, dancing in dain, playing with their toys etc. belive it or not but kids will cherish these moments when you are silly with them.

3. Bring something for them when you return from office:

Kids love surprises so treat them with some surprise. Yes, they will love it and you will also love becuase its your kid who is enjoys.

4. Go for a Night Walk:

Night walks are important, becuase you will get to know how was your kid’s day. You will get to know more about your kid’s daily schedule and what is going on in you little once life. Like who are his friends, what are all activites which keep him busy whose day.

5. Pick some nick name for one another:

This most of the kids love. When you pamper them with some special name. Go ahead try this. Also, you can ask for some special name for yourself and you will be amazed to see how your kid will find some very special name for you.


6. Do things together:

You kid needs your time and when you will spend some time with him by doing things together, they will cherish the moment and you will create a wonderful bonding between both of you.


7. Prepare some speical food for your child:

Just as simple as anything try to make any of your child’s speical dish. Also, try to tell them that you have made this speically for them, they understand everything just try to make them understand you love towards the,

8. Talk about your day:

You can also talk about your day, tell them how was your day at your workplace. What made you tiered today or something like how was your lunch time or about your friend etc. Try to talk with them and see how they will start talking and you will end up with great bond.

9. Listen some songs or poems together:

Spending time is important so just sit close to your chile when he is busy watching something on TV, or studying. They need your presence:)

10. Short bed time conversation:

Talk with your kid before you go to sleep. Sometime you ca tell them some stories or sometime ask them to tell you some story. This can be best time of the entire day and your loved one will wait for this time.


11. Take some selfies:

You can try this one. This do not need to much of time but yes your kid will love to be with you even when you are taking photo.



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