Are you a Mentally Strong Parent? If no, then these simple tips will help you to be one

Parenting itself is a challenging thing, what is good for other kids may not be relevant for your kid. But most of us keep comparing and are compared in parenting style, which in my view is wrong. My mantra for parenting is simple – Do not judge any parent. All parents want to give the best to their kids and be a Mentally Strong Parent. Being a mentally strong parent is very much needed because if you are mentally strong in your thoughts and thinking process same will be reflected in your child.

Before I come up with tips, let me share who are mentally strong parents? Parents who can manage their thought, their behaviors and their emotions are mentally strong parents.

Now the question is why we need to be mentally strong parents?

The simple answer is to control your child, you should first know how to manage yourself, and secondly, it will be easy for you to handle your kid’s tantrums.

Parenting is powered by emotions and therefore, we as a parent should be emotionally strong to make correct parenting decisions.

Do not let emotions or negative thoughts impair your parenting decisions or style.

The list of 5 tips which will help you to be a Mentally Strong Parent.

  1. Manage yourself well: One you are well organized, it will be easy for you as a parent to give enough quality time to your family. Organized parents are more mentally stronger than parents who are not organized. One other reason behind this theory is that it is easier to manage yourself than to others, these others can be your kids or your staff in your office. So once you are organized it will be easy for you to manage your family and your child. And for moms it is more important to manage everything well because mom is not just mom, they do lots of multitasking.
  2. Be your kid’s role model: If you expect kids to do something first show him you are doing the same by yourself. This is the easiest way and the best parenting tip, which is applicable in all parenting strategies. Kids are copycats, and very amazing learners if you think they are noticing you, believe me, you are parents are always under surveillance. So to avoid stress and unnecessary arguments with kids, just be their role model and this will help you to be a mentally strong parent.
  3. Do not React under stress: You should learn to respond in the best way: Because you are parents, you can do anything, them then it is not correct.  Be patience and think before reacting. There are many ways to explain to kids. For example a few days back, I was talking to someone, she told me her child does not eat healthy food, I told her not to give anything else, once he will be hungry, he will eat whatever you will give him, she started with emotional drama, how can I keep my son hungry, I told her, now the choice is yours to work on your kid’s good habits or be dominated by his bad eating habits. After 3 days she pinged me and said he has started eating few of the vegetables. So there are many ways, you can get things done, but decisions are sometimes tough but in your child’s favor. So judge smartly and do not react.
  4. Take decisions firmly: For example, we generally to avoid the child’s demands, we say to ask other parents. This is something which is wrong. Kids should know that both parents can make decisions, if you will avoid by saying to talk with other parents, they will simply think that you cannot take decisions and he/she will stop ignoring your instructions. So if your child has come up to you for your advice, take if firmly.
  5. Respect your Spouse’s Decision: The Last important thing is as a parent, you should respect your partner’s decision, actions and reactions which he/she is taking as a mom/dad. Sometimes mom’s find it bad that why dad is not agreeing to child’s demand. Do not argue with each other in your kid’s presence, you can discuss later when the kid is not around, but in front of kids, you have to support your spouse.

Closing Note: Let them explore things, even if they will fail.. there will be learning for them. You should not be afraid that what will happen if they will fail. They may fail, but there is always some learning behind it which is important. So let them fly and explore the world.


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